Roof Structure film

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Roof Structure film

This film describes and compares the construction of new and old roofs.

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Film details

The first part of the film concentrates on the components in a simple traditional roof and subsequently explains more complex structures using trusses and purlins. The second part of the film the advantages and disadvantages of modern trussed rafter roofs and shows their fabrication and erection. This film has been completely revised.

Topics include

  • eaves details
  • couple and closed couple roofs
  • hangers, binders and purlins
  • trusses and strutted purlins
  • TRADA trusses
  • erection and bracing of trussed rafters
  • wall strapping
  • attic and large span trussed rafters.


  • It is 30 minutes long and is available in WMV, Flash and Quicktime formats.
  • Copyright UWE Bristol 2002

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