Iron: Materials and Conservation film

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Iron – Materials and Conservation film

This film looks at how cast and wrought iron were made and explains some of their properties

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Film details

Mankind's most useful metal, iron has served for over 3,000 years, but not until the 18th century were cast and wrought iron made in commercial quantities and used in every sphere of life, especially for architectural, structural and decorative purposes. Repair techniques are demonstrated by reference to case studies, and set in the context of a widely-accepted conservation ethic.

Topics include

  • the Industrial Revolution
  • manufacture of cast and wrought iron
  • properties and use of cast and wrought iron
  • casting and forging
  • common defects and repairs
  • conservation dilemmas
  • case studies.


  • It is 40 minutes long and is available in WMV, Flash and Quicktime formats.
  • Copyright UWE Bristol 2002

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