House 1905 film

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House 1905 film

This film, which is in two parts, provides a brief introduction to the construction of an early Edwardian terraced house and also examines some of the defects present in the house 100 years later.

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Film details

This film explains how the house was built, briefly describes the nature of building and planning controls at the time, and also describes Edwardian services, finishes and decorations. In the second part of the film a local Chartered building surveyor takes the viewer around the house giving a conducted 'tour' of the main elements and analysing a number of defects and potential problems. The film covers:

  • original drawings and building notices
  • 1905 building control, byelaws etc
  • foundations and drainage
  • walls (brickwork, stonework, terracotta, pointing etc)
  • suspended and solid floors
  • roof structure and roof coverings
  • plaster and decorative plasterwork
  • oil paints, distempers and wallpapers
  • fires and fireplaces, lighting and sanitation
  • defects generally.

We commissioned the surveyor to produce a number of professional reports on this house. These include a Building Survey, a Homebuyer Survey and Valuation, and a Home Condition Report (2005 version - please note that current HCRs have changed in format and content). These reports, including associated site notes, are also available in pdf form for distribution to students. Note: the cost of these is not included in the film.


  • It is 50 minutes long and is available in WMV, Flash and Quicktime formats.
  • Copyright UWE Bristol 2007

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