Women's History Month at the Library

Details of our planned activities for Women's History Month.

Reading lists

We've collated these resource collections of fiction, non-fiction, films, and documentaries about women's history. Our lists have a mixture of digital and physical resources. Read and watch online or visit us to borrow physical items. Delve in to discover your new favourite book or film, and find out more about women's history.

Women's history resources

Book giveaways

Our book giveaway will run during March on our social media channels. You can find out when we're giving books away by viewing the Women's History Month events on the events diary. To be in with a chance of getting one, follow us on Instagram @uwelibrary, we will post clues about where books are hidden on our Instagram stories.

2024 book giveaway titles

  • Disobedient bodies: reclaim your unruly beauty by Emma Dabiri
  • Exploring how our ideas of beauty have been shaped by the forces of patriarchy and capitalism, Emma Dabiri challenges us to think differently and reclaim our disobedient bodies in this powerful essay.
  • Fix the system, not the women by Laura Bates
  • In her book, which is being widely dubbed as required reading, Laura Bates uses lived experiences and shocking evidence to expose the systemic issues at the heart of some of our key institutions: education, politics, media, policing, and the criminal justice system.
  • Soldier Sailor by Claire Kilroy
  • With her first novel in ten years, Claire Kilroy presents us with a mother’s monologue to her infant son, Sailor. Solider, our mother, takes us on a raw, emotional dive into the depths of early motherhood as she reunites with an old friend who offers her a return to her former life.
  • We are displaced by Malala Yousafzai
  • Gathered during Malala Yousafzai’s global travels, this book gives a voice to a collection of young, displaced girls from around the world - girls who have lost their community, family, and often the only world they've ever known, but have not lost hope. 
  • The personal librarian by Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray
  • Based on a true story, The personal librarian imagines the life of Belle da Costa Greene, the manager of famous American financier J.P. Morgan’s personal library. As Belle finds success in New York society, and in the art world, she must also juggle a secret – that she has been hiding her Black heritage and passing for white.
  • A history of Britain in 21 women by Jenni Murray
  • Written by three bestselling authors, this true-story-inspired novel When we had wings is a story of freedom and survival. It is a gripping and emotional book that explores the lives of three women during the civil rights era. Told from different perspectives, the story follows the journey of a young African American woman, a white civil rights advocate and a mother who is forced to confront the prejudices of her past.
  • The girl with the louding voice by Abi Daré
  • Born into a rural Nigerian village, fourteen-year-old Adunni dreams of going to school and becoming a teacher. However, when her father forces her into a marriage with a much older man, her dreams seem unreachable. Adunni begins a long journey against adversity and must battle to find her ‘louding voice’.
  • Nevada by Imogen Binnie
  • Maria, a trans woman living in New York, is stuck in a dissatisfying relationship and a dead-end job. When her girlfriend cheats on her, Maria begins her own Great American Road Trip which leads her to a small town in Nevada. There she meets James, who may or may not be trans too, and the pair form an unlikely but powerful connection.

Social media celebration

Join us on our social media accounts as we celebrate women's history, achievement and culture.

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