IJ Global is an online intelligence service that includes news, insight and analysis on all aspects of global infrastructure finance, covering the transport, oil and gas/renewables/power, social and defence sectors. It includes a searchable database of project finance data, league tables and important market reports.

Access the database

  • Database is not included in the main library search
  • Anyone with a UWE Bristol login can access this database

Registering with IJ Global

The first time you use IJ Global you'll need to register:

  • Click on the following link: Register with IJ Global
  • Follow the on screen instructions to register, and make sure you use your UWE Bristol email address.
  • Don't use your UWE Bristol password when registering - make up a strong and completely unique one instead and save it somewhere safe.

Once you have registered with IJ Global, you can use the link below to access the IJ Global database.

Access the IJ Global database


IJ Global