Library search guide - how to use

Find out how to use library search, and what is included.

Books and journal articles in one search

Library search can be found on the library website homepage. You can use it to search for books and journal articles in one search.

The library search will instantly search the following:

  • everything on the library shelves
  • journal articles from over 87% of our journal titles
  • e-books and reference material (eg encyclopedias)
  • the entire UWE Bristol Research Repository

It's Google-like, intuitive and easy to use. Give it a go!

Use Library search on the library website homepage

How to search

Try entering some keywords in the search box, for example:

  • words from the title
  • or an author's name
  • a particular topic
  • a phrase "in quotes"

How to search video tutorial

Is my database included?

Look at the Database pages (by subject or A-Z) to find out if your favourite database is included, or to connect to any database directly.

Can't find what you're looking for?