Coordinated Opportunities for Advanced Leadership and Engagement in Science Communication in Europe project.


The COALESCE project is funded by the European Commission (EC) to establish a self-sustaining European Competence Centre for Science Communication, and an associated Science Communication Academy that will be a part of the Competence Centre.

COALESCE seeks to decrease the distance in European societies to scientific understanding and address issues concerning public distrust and policy responses to scientific crises. It will do so by building on and adding to existing forms of excellence in science communication, public engagement with sciences and co-creation practices.

Through co-creation with relevant stakeholders, COALESCE will transform the knowledge from projects funded through the EU ‘Science with and for Society’ (SwafS-19) programme, as well as other EU-funded and national science-communication projects, into resources and tools to achieve high-quality, evidence-based and interdisciplinary science communication.

COALESCE has initial funding for four years (April 2023 – March 2027).

UWE Bristol’s participation in COALESCE is led by Dr Andy Ridgway. Other members of the Science Communication Unit involved in the project are Dr Emma Weitkamp, Dr Clare Wilkinson and Dr Achintya Rao. The Science Communication Unit team are leading COALESCE's communication activities as well as playing a key role in other aspects of the project, including the development of the Academy and synthesis of existing science-communication research.

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