Research themes within Bristol Research in Economics (BRE)

Research with BRE is underpinned by six themes.

Applied Microeconomics

BRE produces applied microeconomics research, deploying rigorous empirical methods to engage with issues including migration, forced displacement, labour, tourism, education, health and wellbeing, and corruption. Results are regularly published in journals including Journal of Economic Issues, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Institutional Economics, Feminist Economics, Journal of Travel Research, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of Economics, Race and Policy, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, and Review of Middle East Economics and Finance.


Our research covers a broad range of topics, from industrial policy and technological development to labour market dynamics, and regional economics. Members have internationally recognised expertise in development economics and in the economics of specific regions of the Global South. We critically engage with the defining features of contemporary economic systems: neoliberalism, financialisation and social provisioning. We have published on these issues in journals including Cambridge Journal of Economics, New Political Economy, Review of Radical Political Economics, and Capital and Class.

Economics Education

We have a proven track record of engagement and intervention in the area of economics education. Members have been at the forefront of initiatives to improve and develop the teaching of economics in the light of financial crises, climate change and the problems of wealth and income inequality. BRE is notable for its emphasis on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda and with the movement to decolonise the economics curriculum. Members of BRE are actively engaged with student groups such as Rethinking Economics and several are members of the academic group Reteaching Economics. Members publish regularly on economics education. The recently published textbook, Recharting the History of Economic Thought, featured contributions from several BRE members.

Macroeconomics and Finance

We pursue cutting-edge research in macroeconomics and finance, including critical macrofinance, addressing topics such as monetary policy, shadow banking, pension funds, the history of central banking, green finance/decarbonisation, and business cycles. This intersects with issues including institutional dynamics, financial regulation, and income distribution. We apply our research to cases in both the Global North and South. Members publish regularly in journals such as New Political Economy, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Development and Change, Environment and Planning A, Financial History Review, Economic History Review, and Journal of Development Studies.

Political Economy

Our Political Economy cluster includes an array of interdisciplinary research topics across the social sciences, including class, race, and gender inequalities, history, culture, philosophy, law, and American studies and International Political Economy. Our scholars study the interconnections between economic institutions and social relationships, cultural phenomena, and political agendas and legislation.  We are internationally recognised and published across the top pluralist economics journals, such as Cambridge Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Issues, Review of Radical Political Economics, Review of Social Economy and Review of International Political Economy.  

Regional Studies

We have long-standing expertise and engagement in Regional Studies, focusing on policy-relevant and applied topics including neighbourhood governance and regeneration in the context of climate change, and the translation of sustainability principles into local spatial planning policies. Other research has focused on relationships between economics, demographics and political geography in the context of Brexit. 

Bristol Research in Economics

Bristol Research in Economics (BRE) is an internationally recognised cluster of leading economists pursuing innovative research in intersecting areas.


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