Members of the Regional History Centre

Staff, students, and Visiting Fellows at the Regional History Centre.

Visiting Research Fellows

  • Brian Edwards MA
  • Dr John Chandler
  • Dr Jonathan Harlow
  • Professor June Hannam
  • Dr Kath Holden
  • Kevin Whitston
  • Mike Breward
  • Dr Moira Martin
  • Professor Peter Malpass

Wiltshire Victoria County History (VCH) staff

  • Dr Virginia Bainbridge, County Editor
  • Dr Alex Craven, County Deputy Editor

Current postgraduate research students

  • Phil Legg
    Civil, military and police relations in King’s County and County Donegal, 1870-1900
  • Tanya Sinnett
    The Labour Party in Bristol, 1918-1968
  • Ursula Masson
    Women’s politics and party politics in South Wales, 1880-1930
  • Sue Hardiman
    Cultural life and representation in Hotwells Spa, 1760-1820
  • Alison Bolitho
    Enlightenment and identity in a mercantile city: Bristol 1810-1820
  • Paul Tobia
    Mental health: The patient’s story in late 19th century Bristol