Walking, cycling and socio-economic status in Scotland

Project details

Full project title: Walking, cycling and socio-economic status in Scotland: analysis of statistical data and rapid review of literature

Sponsors: NHS Health Scotland

Project Manager: Dr Jillian Anable

Project team: Dr Yusak Susilo (CTS), Prof John Nelson, Dr Paulus Aditjandra, Dr Geertje Schuitema

Start date: October 2009

Finish date: March 2010

Project summary

This project aims to provide deeper understanding on the existing walking and cycling travel behaviours in Scotland. It focuses not only on walking and cycling as daily travel modes, but also the different levels of participation in walking and cycling for active travel and sport or recreation across different socio-economic groups and across different levels of deprivations areas in Scotland.

The project can be separated into four different parts:

  • First, is to conduct a systematic rapid review of recent various academic and 'grey' literatures (including government and non-government's reports) that are related with walking and cycling behaviours in Scotland and also in various part of the world.
  • Then, it is followed by identifying the existing datasets or data sources on walking and cycling activities which have both a Scottish sample and potential to be analysed deeper by socioeconomic groups and different levels of respondents' deprivation conditions.
  • Then, it is followed by secondary multivariate analyses and advance statistical tests in order to explore the inter-relationships of individual walking and cycling behaviour with their socio-demographic status, attitudes and preferences and their built environment characteristics in more comprehensive way.
  • The project is closed by identifying data and theoretical gaps that are still exist in analysing, understanding and promoting cycling and walking behaviours in Scotland.