Express coach feasibility study

Project details

Full project title: Express coach feasibility study

Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) Principal Researcher: Dr Ben Clark

Project partners: Ito World Ltd

Start date: September 2011

Finish date: July 2013

Project summary

This project is providing staffing support to Ito World Ltd in conducting a wide ranging examination of the potential for motorway based express coach services to play a greater role in serving the UK's inter-urban transport needs.

The study has to date entailed:

  1. a review of the national and (previous) regional policy contexts for the provision of inter-urban coach services
  2. the identification of coach schemes in progress, and coach scheme proposals for the English regions
  3. a desk audit of potential coach interchange locations on the English motorway network
  4. the development of coach interchange designs proposed by a group of undergraduate architecture students
  5. a small scale study to determine the impact of a new out of town coach interchange (the UWE Bristol Megabus stop) on inter-urban trip making.