Project details

Full project title: Making personalised travel planning work

Sponsors: Department for Transport

Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) research advisors: Dr Kiron Chatterjee and Professor Phil Goodwin

Project Partners: Integrated Transport Planning, Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy, Cleary Stevens Consulting

Start date: May 2007

Finish date: October 2007

Project summary

In early 2007, the UK Department for Transport appointed Integrated Transport Planning Ltd, along with partners Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy, Cleary Stevens Consulting and the University of West of England, to undertake a research study into the effectiveness of personalised travel planning (PTP) techniques. Kiron Chatterjee acted as Research Advisor to the project with the specific role of critically appraising the evaluation findings of the case studies and developing the monitoring and evaluation aspects of the best practice guidance. Phil Goodwin has acted as Expert Advisor to the project, including chairing of an Expert Panel Meeting.

PTP is a targeted marketing technique, providing travel advice, information, motivation and incentives based on an understanding of personal activity and travel patterns. PTP provides individuals or households with detailed advice and the necessary information in order to make journeys using more sustainable modes (walk, cycle, public transport, car share) and/or to reduce the number, frequency or length of journeys made.

The six-month study concluded in October 2007 with the publication of a research study report and with a best practice guide to follow. The study was supported by an international expert panel, comprising leading practitioners and academics, and the study comprised both desk based research and on-site case study interviews. The research findings provide an important addition to the UK Government's knowledge on 'Smarter Choices' transport initiatives.