Research themes

Current research themes within the Creative Technologies Lab.

Graphics, visualisation and games

Creating and applying novel graphical processing algorithms to enhance visual imagery and to create virtual environments. A key focus of this theme is serious games and extended realities, leveraging the efficiencies of games technologies to develop interactive visualisations for scientific and artistic contexts.

Embodied and immersive interaction

Focusing on artistic and human factors, this theme explores user-centred approaches to interaction design and aesthetics. Adopting rigorous design and evaluation methods, we create novel, interactive and immersive systems and art that have appeared at premier cultural venues throughout the world.

Artificial intelligence

Developing and exploiting AI and Machine Learning systems to synthesise virtual environments and interaction mechanics. This theme focuses on the use of Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Graph Theory to generate and understand imagery and design tasks.

Sound and visual arts

Combining traditional and contemporary production approaches, this theme explores technology for sound design, composition and performance. A key focus of this research is the use of generative algorithms and novel interfaces for musical expression, spatialisation and immersion.

Creative Technologies Lab (CT Lab)

An interdisciplinary research group that spans and intersects computer science and the creative arts.

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