Community support and advice

This web page provides information for those individuals or community groups looking for help/support with investigating specific local flood risk issues. It also provides some useful web pages for organisations that provide local flood risk information and support

Working with students to investigate local flood risk issues

One way in which the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience may be able to support you is through student projects and internships. Student research projects are undertaken at different levels and as part of differing degree programmes.

Different options

  • Undergraduate geography students need to identify their topic areas around February of a particular year and then submit the work in early April of the following year.
  • Civil Engineering as well as Construction and Planning students select topics around May of a year and then submit their work before Easter of the following year.
  • Master’s students select their topics in November/December of a particular year and submit in either August or November of the following year. Masters students are enrolled in programmes on Applied GIS, Environmental Consultancy and Sustainable Development in Practice.
  • Our MSc students may also be able to assist through an internship, placement or consultancy. MSc Environmental Consultancy students are required to undertake a minimum of 48 days of work experience.
  • MSc Sustainable Development in Practice and MSc Applied GIS have the opportunity to undertake a shorter consultancy project as part of their work experience.

Way forward

If you have a potential project that we can advertise to students, please contact CFCR in the first instance. We will need a brief indication of the scope of the project so we can match the project to a student with an appropriate background and level of study.

Organisations that provide local flood risk information and support



Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience (CFCR)

The Centre focusses on a range of specific themes relating to flooding and extreme weather reflecting the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of issues concerning the development of resilient communities.

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