Civil Engineering

This research theme brings together engineering perspectives related to sustainability and climate change resilience.

Structural engineering

The structural engineering element focusses on:

  • soil/structure interactions
  • damage detection and structural testing
  • stainless steel structures
  • high strength steel structures
  • composite structures
  • structural fire engineering
  • physical and numerical modelling applications
  • health and safety
  • construction management.

Materials science

The materials science element focusses on:

  • construction materials
  • environmental materials
  • sustainable materials in construction.


The geotechnics element focusses on:

  • sustainable geotechnics
  • soil/structure interactions
  • physical and numerical modelling applications
  • offshore soil mechanics.

Coastal flood and erosion risk management

The coastal flood and erosion risk management element focusses on:

  • coastal hydrodynamics and sediment transport dynamics
  • coastal flood modelling and forecasting
  • coastal climate variability (remote sensing data, climate models data, machine learning algorithms)
  • flood risk modelling frameworks for climate resilience.

Water engineering

The water engineering element focusses on:

  • water quality engineering
  • water and wastewater treatment and management
  • blue-green Infrastructure concepts and water resources management concepts
  • water-energy nexus
  • ocean renewables
  • numerical modelling applications.


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