Place and society

Exploring new potentials, and interplay between place and society using research methods such as humanities-based interpretation.

Research in the area of place and society focuses on the interplay between place and society. The underpinning principle is that 'place' is constructed by society and social structures, as much as by the built form within which it is enclosed.

Our research explores how space affects us and in turn how we can affect space, from tangible built form to the cultural meaning, value, memory and identity of our environments.

Our research re-imagines the relationship between informal and formal systems in relation to both production of place and its occupation. Research methods include humanities-based interpretation, design/creative practice-based research, action research, and social research.

Research topics

  • Architecture and collectivity
  • Architectural game structures and their use in re-scripting and multi-programming of space
  • Community action in re-making community spaces
  • Design and wellbeing
  • Heritage and the re-use of existing buildings
  • Informal settlements in global cities
  • Public spaces in the 21st century city.


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