Project details

Full project title: Wells 2000 Record

Duration: April 1999-March 2000

Project lead: Nada Brkljac

Project summary

Wells 2000 Record was a collaborative project between the UWE Bristol and other agencies (Mendip District, Wells Civic Society, Wells City Council) to create a website for the citizens and city of Wells.

The development of this site on the web was a part of wider investigation which is both an attempt to understand the effective design of web-based records of localities in terms of content and structure, as well as to set up a method for recording historic sites.

Project outcome

What this research has sought to address is whether a website deploying 3D VRML models can be used for ‘constructive’ collaboration. The collaboration was intended to be constructive in two ways. Firstly, it should make constructive use of the site and not simply consist of using the web space for social chat or as an on-line guide. Secondly, since we are able to model through history we intend to use the 3D Models as a visual interface, which would by clicking on a particular building trigger access to an underlying data base.

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