Project details

Full project title: Valhalla

Duration: 1 October 2001-30 September 2002

Funded by: European Commission

Project lead: John Counsell

Project summary

The primary aim of the Valhalla project is to digitally present Historic Gardens and Landscape Parks, on-site and on the web.

The purpose is to provide a site overview not usually achievable at ground level and to increase and to broaden public access; and also to enable historic garden staff to exchange skills and knowledge by using real-time video and video conferencing.

Project outcomes

In conjunction, the project trialled a facility for the comparative digital display of related locations and information across Europe, in order to facilitate improved public understanding of landscape history, design and culture.

To achieve this, it was necessary to improve methods of digital recording and display of Historic Gardens and Landscape Parks. In so doing, it was also then possible to use these digital records to enhance flexible visitor management so conserving more fragile locations; and to enable visitors including the disabled to plan bespoke routes; thereby improving the manageability, marketability and visitor interpretation of an Historic Site.

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