Facilities innovation in the workplace

Project details

Full project title: Facilities innovation in the workplace

Duration: October 2003 - May 2005

Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK

Project lead: Marie-Cécile Puybaraud

Project summary


The Transdisciplinary Group in Facilities Innovation (TGFI) aims to address problems raised by rapid and fundamental changes in workplace provision, driven by the development of ‘network organisations’, and especially the impact on employee well being and management support structures.


The essence of the TGFI is the dissemination of interdisciplinary research and ideas that encourage knowledge exchange, collaboration and sharing across a wide range of disciplines.

The TGFI operating under the umbrella title of Facilities Innovation Expert Seminars (FIES) will share and disseminate knowledge to all key stakeholders. It will draw together the on-going research of all the contributors and provide a forum in which they can develop their ideas by mutual discussion as well as disseminate the results of their work.


Ten seminars and workshops will provide a powerful focus for high level discussion of key topics and a unique link in chain of wider developments and push the boundaries of understanding of the relationship between the culture of dynamic global businesses, the place of individual workers and the new infrastructure of work in the 21st century.