Built Environment Appropriate Technology for Learning (BEATL)

Project details

Full project title: Built Environment Appropriate Technology for Learning (BEATL)

Duration: September 1998-December 2001

Funded by: Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE)

Project lead: Jane Newton

Project summary


The BEATL (Built Environment Appropriate Technology for Learning) Project has aimed to develop effective and efficient methods of integrating technology-based learning materials into the delivery of modules within the undergraduate modular programmes at UWE Bristol, De Montfort University and University of Westminster. Built environment undergraduate modular programmes include a wide range of disciplines, from architecture, to town planning, to building surveying, to environmental management. Such programmes offer, therefore, a testbed of wide variety for embedding technology based materials into teaching and learning.


A key aspect of BEATL project methodology is the partnering of modules, normally across two of the three faculties. These pairs of modules have generally involved similar subject topics with a shared interest in embedding the same technology based materials. The BEATL approach has left the module staff to choose the nature and scale of their innovation in the expectation that a range of types of technology and of subject matter will be employed.

This diversity of testbeds, together the preparation of systematic evaluation methodologies, is aimed at ensuring both a range of transferable products and generalisable learning for good practice in introducing new technology.

Project outcome

A Project Handbook has been developed as a guide to staff on embedding good practice and forms the basis for staff development workshops to be available nationally.

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