About the Centre for Architecture and Built Environment Research (CABER)

The Centre's work is delivered through an integrated portfolio of world class research, knowledge exchange and co-generation, science communication, community engagement and training for decision makers at all levels.

The work of the Centre embraces and integrates local, national and international perspectives on sustainability and the built environment, through the inter-related stages of building design and construction (BIM), occupation, and life cycle analysis (cradle to cradle).

We aim to:

  • Undertake excellent research that has demonstrable impact beyond academia.
  • Create synergies and innovations in interdisciplinary thinking about progressive solutions to technical, social and economic problems that relate to the creation and management of buildings.
  • Engage, exchange expertise, and empower, all stakeholders in the built environment arena.
  • Work with, and for the delivery of a more resilient and sustainable built environment.
  • Explore novel and creative opportunities for the benefit of people and business, including new participatory methodologies so providing evidence for high to local level policy and decision making.
  • Act as a hub to promote multi-stakeholder discussion around strategy and practice.

The Centre works with a wide variety of key partners including communities, policy makers, expert practitioners, academics, learned institutions, research councils and organisations concerned with the development of sustainable and resilient communities, building on its extensive networks throughout the UK and internationally.

We welcome discussions and collaborations with communities, stakeholders and organisations/institutions with interests in sustainability and the built environment towards more resilient futures.

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