Family Names of the United Kingdom (FaNUK)'s talks, conference papersĀ and publications

Hanks, P. (2010) Some methodological considerations in approaching the study of family names. Paper to SNSBI Conference, Carmarthen, 12-15 March. [Report] in Nomina 33, 169–171.

Cullen, P., McClure, P. and Draper, S. (2011) Project report: FaNUK. SNSBI 20th Annual Conference, University of Kent, Canterbury, 15-17 April.

Hanks, P., McClure, P.and Coates, R. (2011) Family Names of the United Kingdom: a new research project in British anthroponomastics. Paper (presented by R. Coates) to 24th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain, 5-9 September 2011.

Hanks, P., Coates, R.and McClure, P. (2011) Methods for studying the origins and history of family names in Britain: philology meets statistics in a multicultural context (PDF) Paper (presented by P. Hanks) to international symposium in Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden, October 20-21, 2011.

Hanks, P. and Muhr, K. (2012): Exchanging Names: Surnames and Population Movement in Britain and Ireland (PDF) Paper to Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland (SNSBI) 2012 Conference, Athenry, Galway, 31 March- 2 April. [Submitted to Nomina].

Hanks, P. and Coates, R. (2012) Onomastic lexicography (PDF)
[A description of the project Family Names of the United Kingdom.] Paper (presented by P. Hanks) to 15th EURALEX International Congress, Oslo, Norway, 7–11 August, 2012.

Coates, R. and Hanks, P. (2012) The new Family Names of the United Kingdom project. In Pierre Darlu et al. [17 other authors] (2012) The family name as socio-cultural feature and genetic metaphor: from concepts to methods. Human Biology 84 (2), 169-214 [at 183-188].

Hanks, P. and Hammond, M. (2013): Black's surnames of Scotland and the FaNUK database (PDF)
Paper to Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland (SNSBI) 2013 Conference, Glasgow, 5-8 April.

Parkin, H. (2013) Surname typology and the problem of inconsistent classification. Names: A Journal of Onomastics 61 (4), 200-211.

Cullen, P. (2014) Kentish surnames and surnames of Kent. SNSBI 23rd Annual Conference, Gregynog Hall, Montgomeryshire, 4-6 April.

Cullen, P. (2014) The Family Names of the United Kingdom research project (FaNUK) and some Kentish surnames. 35th Guild of One-Name Studies Conference, Ashford International Hotel, 12 April.

Coates, R. (2014) The Family Names of the UK project: retrospect and prospect. Plenary lecture to the 25th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences [ICOS-25], Glasgow, Scotland, 25-29 August 2014. [To be published in Proceedings].

Cullen, P. (2014) Margaret [Gelling] and toponymic surnames ('A Tribute to Margaret Gelling'). SNSBI Autumn Day Conference, The Gateway Centre, Shrewsbury, 25 October.

Cullen, P. (2014) Roger Waggehorn, Thomas Twyseaday, and Henry Cutbussh: Kentish surnames derived from nicknames. 'Kent Names' Conference [Kent Archaeological Society and the Medieval and Early Modern Studies Centre], University of Kent, Canterbury, 1 November.

Parkin, H. (2014) Change in the by-names and surnames of the Cotswolds, 1381-c1600. Unpublished PhD thesis: University of the West of England, Bristol.

Parkin, H. (2014) The surnames of St. Luke's Garden war memorial - talk to pupils at Barton Hill Primary School, Bristol, 5 November.

Coates, R. (2014) Blackbeard’s surname. Nomina 37, 159-168.

Hanks, P. (2015) East Anglian surnames. SNSBI 24th Annual Conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich, 27-29 March. View the presentation on East Anglian Surnames (PDF).

Cullen, P. (2015) Locative surnames in East Anglia. SNSBI 24th Annual Conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich, 27-29 March.

Coates, R., Hardcastle K. and Hanks P. (2015) Italian surnames in the Family Names of the United Kingdom project. Quaderni di Rivista italiana di onomastica 5, 73-82.

Hanks, P. and H. Parkin (2016) Family Names. In Carole Hough (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 214-36.

Cullen, P. (2016) Nottinghamshire Surnames. Norwell Parish Heritage Group, Notts, 16 November.

Parkin, H., Probert, P. and Draper, S. Family Names of Britain and Ireland (FaNBI) Editorial Guidelines (2010-2016 collaboration).

Hanks, P., Coates, R. and McClure, P. (November 2016) The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [in print, e-book and online]

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