BBC videos: Your Body Your Image

BBC Two Videos: Your Body Your Image collaboration with the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR), Bristol UWE

The Centre for Appearance Research's Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Zali Yager, and Professor Phillippa Diedrichs were invited to work with the BBC and One Tribe TV on a specially commissioned series of films on body image for BBC Learning.

The films were made for secondary school age classes with the aim of busting body image myths, investigating the commercialisation of body image ideals and promoting debate in the classroom.

The Blame Game

Why do marketing campaigns usually use super skinny, super tall, super young white girls? This film critically explores the lack of diversity in today’s media images and some of CAR's research on average-size fashion models.

Global Body Image

This film presents a look at the global beauty industry, cultural diversity, westernisation in fashion and the impact this can have on body image, featuring an interview with CAR researcher, Professor Phillippa Diedrichs.

Hideous Histories

A look back at the history of body ideals reveals that beauty and fashion are not just a 21st century obsession, and that beauty ideals are fluid and have changed over time.

Faking It

A photo shoot with a famous DJ lifts the lid on exactly what goes in to creating a single fashion photo. The film also explores the impact that viewing idealised, airbrushed images has on body image.

Body Talk

Explore how everyday conversations can inadvertently reinforce unhelpful appearance ideals and how minimising 'fat talk’ and ‘body talk’ can improve body image.