Uncomfortable Truths project at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Media Relations Team, 13 December 2019

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Stacey Olika, who is taking part in the Uncomfortable Truths project at Bristol Museum.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery have launched a project to uncover uncomfortable truths behind certain museum objects. Many object labels in museums do not tell the full story.

In collaboration with the museum, a group of UWE Bristol alumni and students have curated 'Uncomfortable Truths' a trail accompanied by a series of podcasts and object labels.

The trail reveals how objects were collected, what they represent, and the difficult pasts that are hidden behind them. Objects include a Benin bronze head, an Egyptian mummy, and a taxidermy rhino.

Graphic Design alum Stacey Olika worked as Project Assistant. Stacey's job was to coordinate activity, recruit students and encourage conversations as difficult questions of ownership and accountability were tackled. For Stacey the important things now is what happens next. “This conversation and this history is much bigger than us but little drops make a mighty ocean. We still have a long way to go but it is a first step of many to incite positive change.”

The museum is capturing audience response to this pilot project to inform a more long-term approach.

Watch Stacey's Instagram takeover to find out more.

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