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Community based tourism Dr Jennifer Hill
Ecotourism Dr Jennifer Hill
Tourism Dr Jennifer Hill


Autonomous vehicles Dr William Clayton
Behavioural change in transport Dr Kiron Chatterjee
Commuting Dr Kiron Chatterjee
Connected automated vehicles Professor Graham Parkhurst
Connected automated vehicles  Professor Anthony Pipe 
Cycling Dr Steve Melia
Cycling and walking Professor John Parkin
Cycling and walking Dr Kiron Chatterjee
Electric vehicles Professor Graham Parkhurst 
Electric vehicles Dr William Clayton
Evaluation of sustainable transport schemes Dr Caroline Bartle
Flexible mobility services Professor Graham Parkhurst
Future mobility and accessibility Professor Glenn Lyons
General transport policy Dr Steve Melia
Highway and traffic engineering Professor John Parkin
Impacts of information and communications technology on transport Professor Glenn Lyons
Inclusive cycling Dr William Clayton
Light rail Professor Graham Parkhurst
Motorway travel (the experience of) Jonathan Mosley
National transport policy Kiron Chatterjee
Older people's mobility transport Ian Shergold
Park and ride schemes Professor Graham Parkhurst
Pedestrianisation and car-free development Dr Steve Melia
Process of policy change Professor Graham Parkhurst
Public health aspects of road safety, speed cameras and traffic calming Paul Pilkington
Public realm design Professor John Parkin
Public transport Professor Graham Parkhurst
Public transport Dr William Clayton
Rural transport policy Ian Shergold
Shared space Dr Steve Melia
Sustainable development Professor John Parkin 
Sustainable transport Professor Graham Parkhurst

Dr William Clayton
  Professor John Parkin
  Dr Kiron Chatterjee
  Dr Daniela Paddeu
  Dr Caroline Bartle 
Transport and air quality Professor Graham Parkhurst
Transport in Bristol Dr Steve Melia
Transport, health and quality of life Dr Kiron Chatterjee
Transport infrastructure design Professor John Parkin
Transport planning Professor John Parkin
Transport, society and lifestyles Professor Glenn Lyons
Urban transport policy Professor Graham Parkhurst


Travel choices Dr Kiron Chatterjee
Travel writing Robin Jarvis
Travel demand management Professor Glenn Lyons
Traveller information services Professor Glenn Lyons

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