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Gender in performance Dr Amanda Penlington
Theatre performance reviews Dr Amanda Penlington

Cultural studies

Community life Dr Estella Tincknell
Cultural and media studies Dr Estella Tincknell
Cultural/creative industries/cultural policy Dr Gillian Swanson
Ethnographic methods Dr Michal Nahman
Occulture Cavan McLaughlin 
Race and ethnicity Dr Rehan Hyder
Youth culture and subcultures  Dr Rehan Hyder


Exhibitions Dr Gillian Swanson
Magic  Cavan McLaughlin
New media Dr Patrick Crogan
New media Dr Iain Grant
New media policy Dr Gillian Swanson
Popular fiction Dr Estella Tincknell
Pornography and censorship Professor Alison Assiter
Television genres (soap opera, reality tv, action adventure) Dr Estella Tincknell
Television histories Dr Estella Tincknell
Women’s employment in the cultural industries Dr Gillian Swanson
Youth culture Dr Richard Kimberlee
Horror film Dr Rehan Hyder

Art and design

Painting John France
Drawing  Lucy Ward
Feminise art criticism Dr Clare Johnson
Feminist criticism of Michel Foucault Dr Clare Johnson
Installation art Jonathan Mosley
Land art Jonathan Mosley
Relationship between landscape and design Jonathan Mosley

Print making

All areas of printmaking for artists Professor Stephen Hoskins
Historic printing processes esp those related to photography Professor Stephen Hoskins
Relevance of old printing methods in a digital age Professor Stephen Hoskins


Ethics of fast fashion  Dr Verity Jones
Sustainability in fashion  Dr Verity Jones
Sustainability in fashion   Lizzie Harrison


Race and popular music Dr Rehan Hyder
Bristol music Dr Rehan Hyder

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