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Area of expertise Contact
Brownfield development Professor Katie Williams
Community/neighbourhood planning Dr Katie McClymont
Compact cities Professor Katie Williams
Density Professor Katie Williams
Equal opps. in the built environment - construction professions Ann De Graft-Johnson
Equality issues in the construction industry Professor Clara Greed
Growth strategies Professor Katie Williams
Healthy cities Dr Louis Rice
Infrastructure planning Nicholas Smith
Innovative methods for public engagement Dr Deepak Gopinath
International town planning Mike Devereux
Leadership, place and resilience Dr Deepak Gopinath
Neighbourhood adaptation to climate change Professor Katie Williams
Planning history Mike Devereux
Planning education and skills development Nicholas Smith
Planning theory Dr Katie McClymont
Postsecular cities and cemeteries Dr Katie McClymont
Public participation Dr Katie McClymont
Public spaces, urban form Hooman Foroughmand Araabi
Public toilets (public inconvenience - design and policy) Professor Clara Greed
Social aspects of town planning Professor Clara Greed
Strategic growth and major projects Nicholas Smith
Sustainable neighbourhood design Professor Katie Williams
Sustainable urban development Professor Katie Williams
Urban design Mike Devereux
Urban design Hooman Foroughmand Araabi
Urban design - particularly European city design Mike Devereux
Urban sprawl Professor Katie Williams
Women and planning Professor Clara Greed

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