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Areas of expertise Contacts
Analytical chemistry Andy Tubb
Analytical chemistry Danielle Sinnett
Analytical chemistry Andy Tubb
Drought Harry West
Ecological risk assessment Danielle Sinnett
Environmental biology Peter Spencer-Phillips
Environmental consequences of war Professor Chad Staddon
Environmental education Dr Sara-Jayne Williams 
Environmental psychology Dr Sara-Jayne Williams
Environmental science Andy Tubb
Flooding Harry West
Geographical information systems Harry West
Hydrology Harry West
Land restoration Danielle Sinnett
Remote sensing Harry West
Soil science Danielle Sinnett
Sustainability in product design Dr Richard Mawle
Urban resilience Professor Chad Staddon
Water and air quality Andy Tubb

Environmental management

Air quality management control in the UK James Longhurst
Coastal management Chris Spencer
Coastal management Danielle Sinnett
Coastal management Andy Tubb
Energy consumption and behavioural change Dr Miriam Ricci
Environmental pollution Darren Reynolds
Flood and drought risk management Professor Lindsay McEwan
Industry relationships Jan Warden
Physical geography Chris Spencer
Recycled materials in concrete Dr Ghassan Nounu
Remediation of land pollution and environmental monitoring Darren Reynolds
Sea level rise Chris Spencer
Waste management Andy Tubb
Waste water management Darren Reynolds


Policy development Alan Greer

Climate change

Adaptation to climate change for the water section Professor Chad Staddon
Causes and consequences of climatic change James Longhurst


Sustainability in product design Dr Richard Mawle


Managing water resources Dr Stroma Cole
Water conservation Professor Chad Staddon
Water demand management Professor Chad Staddon
Water and development in global south Professor Chad Staddon
Water economics and policy Professor Chad Staddon
Water efficiency - technological innovations Professor Chad Staddon
Waste water treatment Darren Reynolds


Bacteria causing disease in plants Peter Spencer-Phillips
Fungi causing disease in plants Peter Spencer-Phillips
Plant pathology Peter Spencer-Phillips


Acid rain Katy Ling
Air pollution Jo Barnes
Air pollution (especially legislative matters) James Longhurst
Air pollution effects on plants Katy Ling
Air quality management in the UK James Longhurst
Air quality management in the UK Jo Barnes
Control and analysis Andy Tubb
Dust odour and light nuisance Andy Tubb
Environmental monitoring Darren Reynolds
Environmental pollution Darren Reynolds
Impact of air pollutants eg climatic change James Longhurst


Conservation biology Jennifer Hill


Decline of forests Katy Ling
Health of trees Katy Ling
Woodland ecology Katy Ling