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Engineering Analysis Finite Element Analysis Dr Ramin Amali
Engineering design Dr Ramin Amali
Inverse Engineeing using Artificial Intelligence Dr Ramin Amali
Product design simulation Dr Ramin Amali
Software engineering Professor Alan Winfield
Software quality management Professor Alan Winfield
Stress analysis machine design experimental tests Dr Ramin Amali


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Building rehabilitation Dr Tiago Ferreira
Concrete technology Dr Ghassan Nounu
Economics of construction industry Kevin Burnside
Education, employment, training Kevin Burnside
Education, research and knowledge exchange in Construction Management Professor Paul Olomolaiye
Equal opportunities in construction Ann De Graft-Johnson
Financial Management of construction projects Kevin Burnside
Fire safety Dr Tiago Ferreira 
Historical and masonry structures  Dr Tiago Ferreira
Impact echo - non-destructive testing technique Dr Ghassan Nounu
Productivity and performance strategies in construction education Professor Paul Olomolaiye
Regional regeneration through product and process improvement in engineering companies Professor Paul Olomolaiye
Reinforced concrete deterioration and repair Dr Ghassan Nounu
Research and knowledge exchange in environment and technology widening participation and engagement in HE Professor Paul Olomolaiye
Seismic retrofitting  Dr Tiago Ferreira  
Seismic vulnerability of existing structures Dr Tiago Ferreira 
Tendering and contracts Kevin Burnside


Aerial robotics and drones  Dr Steve Wright
Applications of neural networks Professor Quan Zhu
Assistive robotics, intelligent health technologies and assisted living Dr Virginia Ruiz Garate 
Biomimetic and neuro robotics  Dr Martin Pearson
Collective robots Professor Andrew Adamatzky
Collective robots Professor Alan Winfield
Control and communications and software for multi robot systems Professor Alan Winfield
Facial recognition and agri-tech  Dr Mark Hansen
Human-robot interaction  Professor Manuel Giuliani 
Industrial modelling and control Professor Quan Zhu
Mobile robotics - walking robots, flying robots Professor Alan Winfield
Robotics for nuclear environments Professor Manuel Giuliani
Robotics - intelligent robots Professor Anthony Pipe
Robot behavioural safety assurance Professor Anthony Pipe
Robot ethics Dr Matthew Studley
Robot ethics Professor Alan Winfield
Robots for hazardous environments Professor Manuel Giuliani
Robots - how to get robots to make decisions Professor Chris Melhuish
Robots - robots working collectively Professor Chris Melhuish
Smart automation Farid Dailami

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