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Press and journalism

Journalism Sharon Wheeler
PR Sharon Wheeler 
Radio/Radio Production and Podcasting Dr Anne Harbin
Specialist Journalism  Sharon Wheeler
Sports Journalism Sharon Wheeler
TV Myra Evans
Television production Myra Evans
War correspondents/foreign reporting Dr Sally Reardon


Consumer emotion/involvement/perception of risk Gill Kemp


Apps/books and writing Dr Tom Abba
Apps/books and writing Estella Tincknell
Creative economies  Dr Simon Moreton
Creative economies Professor Andrew Spicer 
Crime Fiction Sharon Wheeler
Crisis Communication

Sharon Wheeler

Devising Dr Amanda Penlington
Digital media Dr Patrick Crogan
Drones Dr Patrick Crogan
Feature Writing Sharon Wheeler
Media ethics Dr Sally Reardon
Media and representation Dr Sally Reardon
Media and representation Dr Anne Harbin
Media and representation Dr Bernhard Gross
Media regulations/ownership Dr Sally Reardon
Media regulations/ownership Dr Bernhard Gross
New media Dr Patrick Crogan
New media Iain Grant
New media Verity McIntosh
New media and everyday life Dr Tom Abba
New media policy Dr Gillian Swanson
Video games Dr Patrick Crogan
Digital/mobile journalism Dr Bernhard Gross
Journalism and virtual reality (VR)/artificial reality (AR)/gameification/Apps Dr Bernhard Gross
Data journalism Dr Bernhard Gross
Newspaper journalism Myra Evans
Reputation management Sharon Wheeler
Reviewing Sharon Wheeler 
Screen industries Dr Charlotte Crofts 
Screen industries  Dr Steve Presence 
Veganism Louis Gough 
Virtual reality (VR)/artificial reality (AR)/mixed reality (MR) and 360 Verity McIntosh

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