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Applied computer science

New media Dr Tom Abba
New media Dr Patrick Crogan
New media Dr Iain Grant
New media policy Dr Gillian Swanson


Science Fiction Dr Mark Bould 
Applications of computer vision in industry, manufacturing, medicine, security and agriculture Professor Melvyn Smith
Complex systems Professor Andrew Adamatzky
Complex systems Dr Mark Palmer
Computer graphics Professor Melvyn Smith
Cybersecurity Professor Phil Legg
Computer simulation and machine vision  Professor Lyndon Smith  
Image understanding and artificial intelligence Professor Melvyn Smith
Machine learning and machine vision  Dr Mark Hansen 
Nature inspired computing Professor Andrew Adamatzky
Theory of computation Professor Andrew Adamatzky
Unconventional computing Professor Andrew Adamatzky 
Distributed data and process management Professor Richard McClatchey
Grid computing Professor Richard McClatchey
Health informatics Professor Richard McClatchey 
Scientific and engineering computing Professor Richard McClatchey
Software engineering and systems modelling Professor Richard McClatchey

Game studies

Videogames and society Dr Patrick Crogan


Science communication Dr Emma Weitkamp

Information communication technology

Information society Dr Gillian Swanson

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