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Area of expertise Contact
Body image Professor Phillippa Diedrichs
Breastfeeding Dr Sally Dowling
Changing roles of nurses Dr John Albarran
Child health and well-being Dr Toity Deave
Chiropody/podiatry Professor Steven West
Complex community health interventions Dr Richard Kimberlee
Consultant nurses Dr John Albarran
Cosmetic surgery Professor Nichola Rumsey
Critical care nursing practice Dr John Albarran
Diabetic foot Professor Steven West
Eating Disorders Dr Helen Malson
Electronic patient records Mr Rod Ward
Environmental Health Ms Sharon Humphries
Foot biomechanics Professor Steven West
Foot care Professor Steven West
GP services Dr Richard Kimberlee
Health visiting Dr Toity Deave
Healthcare ethics Dr Julie Woodley
Heath care for people with disfigurement Professor Nichola Rumsey
Heathy ageing Dr Gary Chistopher
Impact of the media on body image and appearance concerns Professor Phillippa Diedrichs
In shoe foot pressures Professor Steven West
IT skills amongst healthcare staff Mr Rod Ward
Laughter and Humour Use in health, education and life style Alice Hortop
Laughter Therapy Alice Hortop
Medical anthropology Dr Michal Nahman
Men's health issues Dr Caroline Flurey
National service framework for coronary artery disease Dr John Albarran
Promoting health for people of all body sizes and appearances Professor Phillippa Diedrichs
Psychological aspects/implications of breast cancer diagnosis Professor Diana Harcourt
Researching the impact of music and arts in health and social care Norma Daykin
Rheumatoid arthritis in men Dr Caroline Flurey
Social prescribing Dr Richard Kimberlee
The stigmatisation of overweight and obesity Professor Phillippa Diedrichs
Wellbeing Dr Richard Kimberlee
Wellbeing  Dr Gary Christopher
Global Assisted Reproductive Technologies - IVF, egg donation, surrogacy Dr Michal Nahman

Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities for women and ethnic minorities Ms Ann De Graft-Johnson

Gender Issues

Gendered bodies Dr Helen Malson
Gender in History Peter Fleming
Gender identities Dr Helen Malson 
Gender issues in the built environment Ann De Graft-Johnson
Languages and gender Dr Kate Beeching
Masculinity and health Dr Caroline Flurey
Feminist perspectives Dr Helen Malson