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Biomedical Research

Analytical immunology Professor Richard Luxton
Biosensors (biomedical, environmental and agri/food) Professor Richard Luxton
Blood testing - chemistry Professor Richard Luxton
Fat and fatty acid metabolism Professor Olena Doran
Mitochondrial function and structure Professor Olena Doran
Molecular biology and genetics Professor Olena Doran
Point-of-care testing/diagnostics Professor Richard Luxton
Primary tissue culture Professor Olena Doran
Rapid testing Professor Richard Luxton

Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences Mr Andy Ridgway


Bio-mechanical Engineering Dr Ramin Amali


Arson and drug analysis Dr Andy Tubb
DNA Diane Robinson
Forensic science Dr Andy Tubb
  Diane Robinson


Molecular biology and genetics Professor Olena Doran


Smoking – quitting/and psychological effects Dr James Byron-Daniel

Complementary Medicine

Crystal and spiritual healing Dr Stuart McClean
New age healing practices Dr Stuart McClean




Psychopharmacology (effects of drugs on brain and behaviour) Dr Chris Alford

Science Communication


Science Communication Andy Ridgway
Science Communication
Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers
Live science events Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers
Outreach Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers
Science on TV Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers
Women in STEM Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers

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