For a workout with a bit of a difference, try the trim trail on Frenchay Campus. Follow the outdoor adventure course to combine strength, speed, balance, flexibility and co-ordination.

Suitable for everyone, the circuit features a balance beam, hill sprints and much more. It is a great addition to your everyday workout, making your usual run a little more interesting.

Frenchay trim trail stations

It features:

  • steps
  • pull-up bars
  • hurdles
  • balance beams
  • core strength
  • dip bars
  • ladder walk
  • hill sprints
  • woodland walk

Download the Frenchay trim trail route (PDF)

The outside of the Centre for Sport on Frenchay Campus.

Trim trail route

Watch the trim trail route.

Glenside trim trail

If you're studying at Glenside you can mix up your workout and get outdoors with the Glenside trim trail. The exercise stations include:

  • pole climb
  • hurdles
  • dip bar
  • ladder walk

Download the Glenside trim trail map (PDF).

Further information

If you have any questions about the trim trail, please contact us.

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