Coronavirus updates

Information on coronavirus relating to accommodation at UWE Bristol

Self isolation

We understand that you might have lots of questions about self-isolation, so we’ve put together some helpful advice on what to do and how to access support if you or a flatmate is self-isolating.

You might be finding self-isolation difficult, especially if you have just moved away from home. We want you to know that we are here to support you, and no question is too big or small. Take a look at our wellbeing support pages to find out how to get the support you need.

Information on self isolation

Government regulations and safety

You must follow current government guidance and any local rules shared by Accommodation Services.

Please remember you are part of a wider community and take note of our conduct policy.

Flat occupancy

Flats for 2021/2022 are fully allocated. A six-bedroom flat will house six people, and a 12-bedroom flat will house 12 people.

Social activities

The Hallslife programme will continue with online events and opportunities to meet others.

Cleaning, safety and hygiene

Cleaning Services will be working hard to ensure all high contact touch points are cleaned regularly.

Please continue to wash your hands regularly and follow the latest guidelines on  wearing masks and social distancing when on campus.

Contact us

Accommodation Services will be open daily between 07:00-19:00 from our Customer Service desk in 2N01. The team can assist you with all aspects of support whilst staying with us, including parcel collection. Cotswold and Wallscourt Customer Services will be open on limited hours, please check local signage for timings.

You can contact our Accommodation Team directly. Read through our accommodation information for further guidance.

Contact us

Key collection

Key collection information will be sent to you one week prior to your arrival date. It will detail your key collection location.