Professor Lyndsay Duthie, CEO, The Production Guild of Great Britain - 10 March 2021

Lyndsay delivered a lecture as part of the Bristol Distinguished Address Series titled "Pushing past the pandemic, what's next for film and television?"

Pushing past the pandemic, what's next for film and television?

Lyndsay began her insightful talk by describing her career journey in the film and TV industry, highlighting her own personal experiences and achievements and offering valuable advice and tips to those starting a career in this sector.

When Lyndsay took the job of CEO of the Production Guild, it was the middle of the pandemic, production had stopped. “It seemed almost impossible, how could we possibly get film and TV production started again, there’s hundreds of people involved, it was a monumental feat to consider.” Lyndsay explained how the industry came together and collaborated to create a comprehensive roadmap enabling programmes and films to be produced safely. Lyndsay talked through some of the challenges the industry faced as a result of the pandemic, such as increased production costs, but also highlighted where there have been opportunities for new ways of working, enabled by technology.

Event recording

Watch Lyndsay's Distinguished Address, discussing some of the challenges the film and television have faced as a result of the pandemic along with opportunities.

Exclusive pre-address interview

Watch Lyndsay Duthie's pre-address interview below. You can find a transcript of this interview on the Business West website

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