John Pullinger - 22 February 2017

John Pullinger, Chief Executive of UK Statistics Authority, delivered a Bristol Distinguished Address Series lecture entitled "Mobilising the power of data to help Britain (and the world) make better decisions".

Mobilising the power of data to help Britain (and the world) make better decisions

John Pullinger at UWE

To a room of enthusiastic delegates, John Pullinger provided a thought-provoking address about why this is the age of data - a data revolution which we're only at the beginning of.

He described how data could be mined from a number of unimaginable resources such as sensors in homes, vehicles and lamp posts - but we should be critical of it.

John's main message was that data needed to be trusted and respected. It can often lead to power struggles between country leaders as to who actually owns our data. His final message was that we all need to fight for the ideal, which is for information in the modern age to fuel democracy.


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