Inga Beale DBE - 21 February 2018

Inga Beale DBE, CEO of Lloyds of London, delivered a Bristol Distinguished Address Series lecture entitled "Enabling human progress in a digital world".

Enabling human progress in a digital world

Inga Beale at UWE

Inga gave an inspiring lecture on cyber security, which is a complex threat within the digital world. It is not only a challenge for Lloyds, but for all governments, businesses and individuals.

She discussed how a collaborative effort is required to remove the threat. Otherwise, it could be the global economy equivalent to some of the costliest natural disasters in history.

Inga talked about globalisation, particularly the benefits of digital and how it is continually life transforming. Furthermore, how Lloyds are understanding new technological developments and risks, to adapt and ensure businesses remain resilient.

Inga highlighted the importance of businesses investing in staff training. She stressed that they can never do enough training, as it is mainly staff who expose businesses.

Finally, she emphasised embracing technology, and not to be afraid of it, because technology makes the world a better place and keeps everyone interconnected. Concluding that as long as we work together to understand the risks - we can keep society and businesses safe.


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