Biomedical Science module top-up for IBMS/HCPC accreditation

Important information for applicants looking to top-up an undergraduate degree to get accreditation.

For an applicant looking to top-up an undergraduate degree to obtain an Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) or Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) accreditation, please read the below guidance for the modules you can take to supplement your studies.

The current UWE Bristol Biomedical Science degree modules that provide accreditation include the following list:

If you are missing any of these, please use the above links to find details of additional modules you can apply directly to take.

Identifying the modules you require to get accreditation

Once you have had your previous/current degree assessed by the IBMS or the HCPC, you will need to identify which modules we offer on a CPD basis that most closely match the core areas you require learning in.

Part of the accreditation requirements of our degree is to study introductory and in-depth material relating to the six core disciplines of biomedical science, and to study at least one of these six core subjects as a specialism. To this end, we offer two undergraduate degree level modules that incorporate the six disciplines of the IBMS; these are Infection and Disease at FHEQ4 for an introduction, and Studies in the Biology of Disease at FHEQ5 for more depth.

We also offer six stand alone modules at FHEQ6 (level 6 or undergraduate level) in each of the six core specialist areas:

If your assessment by the IBMS includes an “R” (require) in three or fewer core fields (from the main six listed above as specialist areas), then you will be required to apply for the Studies in the Biology of Disease module and then progress to the level 3 core (you are encouraged to apply for the one that most aligns with your intended career pathway).

If your assessment by the IBMS includes an “R” (require) in four or more core fields (from the main six listed above as specialist areas), then you will be required to complete the Infection and Disease module before applying for the Studies in the Biology of Disease module. This is because your degree assessment by the IBMS indicates you do not have sufficient introductory level knowledge of the six Biomedical Science disciplines to cope with the Studies in the Biology of Disease module.

If your assessment by the IBMS includes an “R” (require) in other areas outside of these core six, such as anatomy and physiology or data analysis, then you may be required to complete additional FHEQ4 modules with us, or possibly an undergraduate final year (FHEQ6) project. These modules are also available as CPD modules and are listed below.

Scheduling your top-up modules

Multiple top-up modules can be taken full-time or part-time, but individual modules can only be taken in a single academic year and attended according to the BSc(Hons) Biomedical Science timetable.

An indicative expectation of attendance is three hours per week for each module.

Modules at FHEQ4 and 5 consist of 50% lectures and 50% laboratory practicals on a fortnightly rolling pattern of lecture week/practical week. Practicals are run in multiple repeats in practical week to accommodate the number of students and therefore we cannot predict what your personal attendance pattern for these may be until you are enrolled on the course.

Fees for the top-up modules

All the modules we offer that contribute to topping up are £2,312.50 to equate to a pro rata rate of a 30 credit module.

Please visit our full fee information to see the price brackets for our modules.

Further information

Find out more about our undergraduate programmes (BSc Biomedical Science/MSci Biomedical Science) and postgraduate programme (MSc Biomedical Science):




For further information or details about the top-up modules, please contact:

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