Protecting your visa - UWE Bristol's responsibility as a Tier 4 sponsor

Our responsibilities

As a Tier 4 sponsor, UWE Bristol is expected to ensure that our students are compliant with the points-based system policy guidance and the immigration rules.

If we fail to comply we are at risk of losing our Tier 4 sponsor licence and would not be able to register international students, and those that are currently studying with us would need to find another university or return to their home country. So we take our duties under this legislation very seriously.

Our responsibilities

  • Retain copies of all documents pertinent to your immigration status in the UK, such as passports, visa/biometric ID cards, police registration certificates and ATAS certificates.
  • Ensure that entry into new courses represents academic progression.
  • Keep up-to-date contact details for you.
  • Make sure that we only admit you to study with us if you hold the correct visa to study at the UWE Bristol.
  • Report to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) if you fail to enrol when expected.
  • Monitor your attendance and report any unauthorised absences to the UKVI.
  • Report any changes in your student status such as:
    • suspending your studies
    • termination of studies
    • withdrawal from studies
    • changes in course length
    • changes of course title
    • periods of study abroad or placements away from the University
    • late submission of course work or dissertation
    • re-submission of course work or dissertation
    • unauthorised absences
    • deferring your course
    • transferring to another course or university
    • report to the UKVI if we become aware of any breaches of the immigration rules made by you.

See more information about enrolment, attendance, authorised and unauthorised absence.

UWE Bristol debt

When you enrol you will make arrangements to pay your tuition fees in an agreed time period. If you have any difficulty paying your fees, you must seek advice immediately. Unfortunately, if you fall behind with your fee payments, we may have to terminate your study and your Tier 4 sponsorship will end.

What happens if you do not comply with the Tier 4 visa requirements?

If you don't stay within the requirements set out, there are consequences:

  • Access to your electronic study material via Blackboard will be removed.
  • You will be emailed and be given a period of time to comply.
  • If you don't take action or ignore the e-mail, your access to Blackboard will remain locked.

If you don't resolve the situation quickly, it may lead to the withdrawal of sponsorship of your visa, which would mean you having to leave the University and the UK.