Admissions extenuating circumstances

This information is for applicants who are either applying or holding a conditional offer for an undergraduate or postgraduate course at the University.

Are you a current student?

Assessment support options

If you are a current student please refer to our assessment support options.


We understand that your studies may be disrupted due to circumstances outside of your control which may impact on your studies or exams.

The University is happy to consider requests for extenuating circumstances and will use the information provided to help us assess your academic performance in light of these. Whilst we will carefully consider such information, please be aware we are not able to guarantee we will be able to make you an offer or confirm your place if you do not meet the conditions of your offer.

What we consider to be extenuating circumstances

Some examples of extenuating circumstances that will be considered (please note this list is not exhaustive):

  • death of a parent, primary care giver, sibling or partner
  • hospitalisation following unexpected illness
  • domestic violence
  • physical or sexual assault
  • bullying
  • victim of crime.

Examples of extenuating circumstances that will not usually be considered:

  • issues relating to teaching, learning or assessment - these should be referred to the relevant examination and assessment board for consideration under their extenuating circumstances process
  • existing medical conditions or disabilities (the University would expect reasonable adjustments to be in place to support current study)
  • short term health or personal issues - these should be referred to the relevant examination and assessment board for consideration under their extenuating circumstances process
  • common personal or family circumstances, including but not limited to: divorce, separation, relationship break ups, death or illness of a grandparent.

We are also unable to consider extenuating circumstances in relation to interview performance or portfolio review and you will be considered alongside all other applicants based on your performance. If you have not been able to attend an interview due to extenuating circumstances you should request an alternative date which we will accommodate if available.

If you are an international student and will require a student visa we are unable to consider any extenuating circumstances which impact on visa applications.

How do I submit a request for extenuating circumstances?

All requests should be submitted via the online form only as soon as possible after you have submitted your application. Requests will not be considered if they are submitted via email or through the application itself. All sections of the form should be completed and appropriate evidence provided.

Your request must be submitted prior to the release of your results and no later than 30th June. We will not be able to consider your request if it is submitted after exam results have been published.

Requests should be submitted by the applicant or their nominated contact. Applicant consent will be required for any requests received from third parties.

Submit a request for extenuating circumstances 

What information do I need to provide?

Please complete all sections of the online form, which includes:

  • Personal details
  • Application number/ID
  • Course/s applied for
  • Details of who is completing the form (if third-party application)
  • Qualifications/exams affected
  • Whether exam boards have been notified and any adjustments that have already been made
  • Details of the extenuating circumstances, including dates affected and how you feel circumstances have affected your studies
  • Contact details for your school/college (if you are currently in education)
  • Any relevant supporting evidence, for example, medical note, letter from third party (teacher, doctor, police etc.)

What happens once I have submitted my request?

Once your request has been submitted we will consider this additional context when assessing your application.

Your application will be considered by a panel consisting of:

  • Director of Service (or nominee)
  • Head of UK/International Recruitment and Admissions (or nominee)
  • Head of Widening Access (or nominee)
  • Programme Leader/Admissions Tutor (or nominee) where relevant

By submitting a request, you are consenting for your information to be shared with the panel. All information is treated confidentially and will in no way reflect negatively on your application.

Extenuating circumstances are considered in relation to their effect on your qualifications and examination performance, but the University’s minimum entry requirements will still need to be met. They are not considered when assessing the rest of your application, such as personal statement or reference. Extenuating circumstances will not be considered when evaluating English Language results.

If you have already received an offer from us we will consider these if you do not meet the conditions of your offer.