Assessment and Feedback Policy


UWE Bristol has developed an Assessment and Feedback Policy for all taught provision, including collaborative provision. The policy sets out the purpose of assessment and feedback, and lists a set of operational expectations supporting how assessment and feedback form a critical aspect of the learning process.

Along with the policy, we have developed the Assessment and Feedback Operational Guide which covers the cycle of assessment from design, through to marking, moderation, review and enhancement.

The guide can be used by students and staff to help understand the cycle of assessment, and to help staff understand the requirements and processes for assessment and feedback.

Students sat at chairs writing.

Principles of the Assessment and Feedback Policy

  • Articulation of assessment both as part of the learning process and as the means by which academic staff form judgements about the extent to which learning outcomes are met.
  • Ensure that students have parity of experience which underpins learning and progression.

Principles of the Assessment and Feedback Operational Guide

  • Outlines the key stages of assessment and recognises the journey from design conception, marking and moderation to enhancement/review.
  • Promotes and facilitates the sharing of good practice across the University through a common framework and terminology.
  • Alignment with the QAA Quality Code.

When is the policy applicable?

The Assessment and Feedback Policy and Operational Guide are applicable in all circumstances to all taught provision including curriculum delivered by our collaborative partners.

Below are the links to the Policy and Operational Guide documents:

Guidance for students

This short film has been made for students in order to explain the different stages of assessment and feedback processes at UWE Bristol.

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