Staff within the Department of Applied Sciences represent a wide range of expertise. Find out about our research interests and expertise.

Staff by area

Department executives

Biological and Environmental Sciences and Science Communication

Forensic, Analytical and Chemical Sciences

Human and Biomedical Sciences


  • Marcus Olivant, Technical Manager
  • David Corry, Deputy Technical Manager - Research
  • Michelle Hickman, Deputy Technical Manager - Teaching
  • Jasper Morrison, Senior Technician
  • Marta Freire Rodrigues, Technical Officer
  • Paul Deane, Technician
  • Liz  Szczelkun, Technical Officer
  • Emma Griffin, Technical Support Officer
  • Linda Hill, Laboratory Support Worker
  • Karen Thomas, Laboratory Support Worker
  • Rhiannon Davies, Senior Technician
  • Marcus Pugh, Senior Technician
  • Angeliki Savvantoglou, Senior Technical Instructor - GIS
  • Paul Bowdler, Technical Team Leader - Forensics and Analytical Science
  • Sarah Almond, Laboratory Technician - Forensic Science
  • Heather James, Laboratory Technician
  • Aun Owen, Laboratory Technician - Environmental Chemistry
  • Lee Graham, Technical Team Leader - Microbiology
  • Barbara Rees, Laboratory Technician - Microbiology
  • James Dawson, Laboratory Technician - Microbiology
  • Sue Hula, Technical Team Leader - Physiology
  • Rob Prince, Senior Technician
  • Paul Kendrick, Senior Technician
  • Dave Patton, Senior Technician
  • Debbie Lewis, Technical Team Leader - Molecular Biosciences
  • Man-Kim Cheung, Senior Technician - Molecular Biology
  • Adele Ainger, Senior Laboratory Technician
  • Alison Halliday, Research Laboratory Technician
  • Natasha McGuire, Research Laboratory Technician
  • Katy Hayward, Research Laboratory Technician
  • Suzy Ede, Research Laboratory Technician
  • Eva Miles, Receptionist
  • Ruta Traknyte, Receptionist