Staff within the School of Applied Sciences represent a wide range of expertise. Find out about our research interests and expertise.

Staff by area


Environment, Conservation and Science Communication

Forensic, Analytical and Chemical Sciences

Biological and Biomedical Science

Healthcare Science

  • Jack Aylward, Senior Lecturer - Medical Physics
  • Georgios Vekris, Senior Lecturer - Clinical Technology
  • Robert BauldSenior Lecturer - Clinical Engineering Technology
  • Helen BlundellSenior Lecturer - Clinical/Medical Technology
  • Dr Victoria Davenport, Senior Lecturer - Microbial Pathogenicity
  • Dr Sarah Dean, Senior Lecturer - Healthcare
  • Dr Claire Doody, Senior Lecturer - Healthcare Science
  • Pippa Dunbar, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader - Healthcare Science (Medical Physics) Technology
  • Arleen Flack, Apprenticeship Tripartite Co-Ordinator (Medical Physics Technology)
  • Dr Jonathan Hull, Senior Lecturer - Biomedical Sciences
  • Katy Jefferson, Apprenticeship Tripartite Co-Ordinator (Clinical Engineering)
  • Dr Adrian Kendrick, Senior Lecturer - Physiological Sciences (Respiratory/Sleep)
  • Dr Jennifer May, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences and Programme Leader for MSc Applied Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences
  • Julie Molloy, Senior Lecturer - Haematology
  • Dr Ruth Morse, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science (Human Genetics) and Programme Leader for Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences
  • Faatihah Niyi-OdumosuSenior Lecturer - Applied Human Physiology
  • Dr Mario Orsi, Senior Lecturer - Maths Supporting Science and Programme Leader for Healthcare Science (Clinical Engineering)
  • Sarah RushtonSenior Lecturer - Neurophysiology
  • Duncan SleemanSenior Lecturer - Cardiac Physiology
  • Professor Aniko Varadi, Professor and Research Centre Director - Centre for Research in Biomedicine (CRIB)
  • Dr Trevor Whittall, Senior Lecturer - Immunology and Haematology
  • Dr Kathryn Yuill, Senior Lecturer - Healthcare Science and Programme Leader Healthcare Science (Physiology)

  • Daryn Carter - HCS Tripartite Co-ordinator
  • Hermione Pettifer - HCS Tripartite Co-ordinator
  • Louisa Smith - HCS Tripartite Co-ordinator



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