Current awareness for business-related subjects

Current awareness services help you keep up to date with recent publications, research and developments in your field of study. These services can include: website monitoring for relevant new material; alert services, where specified keyword searches or saved searches are run automatically at intervals to find new information; table of contents (TOC) services, where you will be emailed the contents of new issues of specified journals. You can also set up an RSS feed on your favourite news websites, and on some of our databases.

  • Business Source Ultimate
    After creating your EBSCOhost account, go into 'Search History' to save and retrieve your search history, create email alerts and/or RSS feeds. Journal alerts can be set up via the RSS icon in the 'Publications' option. Detailed instructions are available in the Saving Searches and Alerts section of EBSCO Help. Search and journal alerts can also be viewed via an RSS reader.
  • Emerald
    Click on 'Register' to create your Emerald profile. 'Your Profile' provides space that will enable you to save search alerts, subscribe to alerts such as table of contents for your favourite journals or to weekly digests for all journal issues. More information in setting up content alerts.
  • Mintel
    Click on 'My Oxygen' and 'Account Settings' to create a personal profile. You can then save searches and alerts to your profile. To manage your saved searches and alerts use 'My Saved Searches and Email Alerts' under the 'My Oxygen' tab.
  • ScienceDirect
    Click on 'Activate Personalization' to create a personal profile which will allow you to set up search, topic and journal alerts. More information in 'Manage my Alerts' (click the + sign).
  • World Advertising Research Center (WARC)
    Use 'Your WARC' to set up email alerts to a range of news services, including a weekly digest of news stories and a monthly newsletter of new content on the database. Topic and Brand updates can also be set up.

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