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Additional information and support documentation for Computer Science students.

Connecting to milly or sister using an FTP client to transfer files

The Linux servers use an SFTP server, which is a secure version of the file transfer protocol. This encrypts the data sent between computers. You need to use an SFTP client application or ensure your client application is using the SFTP options.

Viewing your web files in a web browser

Your web files will be in your public_html directory and you will be able to view those files in a web browser via, see the helpsheet entitled Your Public_HTML directory (PDF).

Any files and directories within your public_html directory must have the correct UNIX permissions to be viewable in a web browser, see the helpsheet entitled File permissions (PDF).

To set the correct permissions for HTML files, graphics files and directories login to the Linux server, milly, using XMing or Putty and run the following command in a terminal window: /usr/local/bin/

Please note: this will not fix any files that need to be executable. For this see the helpsheets or go to the IT Service Desk.

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