UWE Student Science Communicators (SSC)

UWE Student Science Communicators (SSC) are equipped with all the training and ingredients to perform exciting demonstrations and outreach style activities with the aim of communicating science and promoting the University.

Information for Student Science Communicators

Becoming a SSC represented an opportunity for students to further develop their key graduate skills by increasing their self-confidence and improving communication and presentation skills. The ambassadors were able to participate in an array of exciting activities such as:

We envisaged that, after successful completion of the training, students will be required to attend refresher training events from time to time and that opportunities to be involved in events will be available throughout your study at UWE Bristol.

Information for Potential Venues

The SSCs contributed to two main types of events:

  • Drop-in 'science busking' sessions at festivals and other public events
  • 'Wow Science' workshops at schools and other similar venues

Both events used a selection of the demonstrations outlined within the Handbook available for download above. However, the involvement of the participants was quite different:

  • At the drop-in sessions, passers-by were invited to participate informally, and decided for themselves how long they wished to interact.
  • During the 'Wow Science' workshops, a selection of the demonstrations were performed at a series of tables, with participants at each table trying out the demonstrations for themselves, discussing the scientific concepts, and moving around the tables in an organised round-robin fashion until they have completed all of the demonstrations on offer. This latter setup was particularly suited to fit into a school period, and was limited to 30 participants at a time.