Providing recommendations and guidelines to improve the quality of interactions in the new science communication landscape.

The RETHINK project aspires to rethink science communication, both its theory and practice, to accommodate the major challenges to the individual and collective process of making sense about science. A guiding principle of RETHINK is that the contextual knowledge of citizens across the EU should play a vital role in shaping future scientific and technological developments and the sharing of this knowledge should be facilitated.

The overall objective is to contribute to making the European science communication ecosystem more open, inclusive, reflexive and adaptive. We aim to improve the quality of interactions between science and society by providing concrete recommendations and training resources for nurturing open and reflexive science-society interfaces.

The project brings together 6 partners as well as 4 linked third parties from 10 European countries, integrating scholarly and practical expertise, experimentation and good practices of new approaches in communicating science. It brings together organisations ranging from academia to science centres, from media to technology assessment and a European Sounding Board that league very different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

You can find out more about RETHINK on the project website.