Epic Fail

Exploring failure with 8-11 years olds using art and engineering as a starting point.

Taking up residence in three Bristol schools, performer Kid Carpet and two engineers will explore failure with 8-11 years olds using the lens of art and engineering as a captivating starting point. Consulting with mental health charity Off the Record and Dr Laura Hobbs of the Science Communication Unit, UWE Bristol, Kid Carpet and the engineers will design varied activities for the residencies.

Taking over a space in the school they will re-imagine it as a place of exploration with young people where they make, talk, create, play and test ideas. With Off The Record's current feedback from Bristol schools suggesting is that there is "fear of failure" amongst pupils, Epic Fail is an important/timely piece of work.

This project also aims to improve the participating engineers self-efficacy for engineering education outreach and therefore their capacity to undertake public engagement in the future and discover 'Can we, through the lens of art and engineering, create a positive view of failure and have a positive impact on young people's wellbeing?'.