Co-creating new knowledge through children, teachers and other supporters of learning in relation to climate complexity.

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and JPI SOLSTIC, the CCC-CATAPULT project is centred around co-creating new knowledge through the ‘eyes and ears’ of children, teachers and other supporters of learning on how they situate and make sense of their lives in relation to climate complexity. Using a youth-led methodology, which involves engaging young people as active decision-makers and co-researchers, this work is critically examining educational influences on young people’s learning and agency at a time when ‘eco-anxiety’ is becoming a defining characteristic of the climate emergency.

The project has two overarching areas of inquiry:

  • how do children, teachers and other key actors shaping the learning of children, understand the value-action gap in tackling the climate emergency
  • what might legitimate transformation look like in relation to reducing this value-action gap?

Co-design, a large-scale survey, focus groups, journaling, and policy workshops are among the methods being used.

This project has been developed in connection with a wider interdisciplinary consortium, bringing together researchers and project partners working across Ireland, Finland and Italy.

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